Service Terms and Conditions

Latest update on May 12, 2020

      The Service Terms and Conditions (this “Agreement”) on the QueQ Application (the “Application”) set out terms and conditions between Queue Q (Thailand) LTD. and its affiliates on one side; and you, QueQ registered user (“User”), on the other side in relation to Services QueQ Provide under this Terms (the “Services”)

      The terms we, us, our, company, and QueQ shall refer to Queue Q (Thailand) LTD. and its affiliates.

      In this Agreement words importing one gender shall be treated as importing any gender, words importing individuals shall be treated as importing corporations (and vice versa) and words importing the singular shall be treated as importing the plural and vice versa.


“Personal Information” means your personal data including but not limited to biometric data, financial data, and any identifiable data that is provided by you or is accessible through any other sources.

“Credential” means username, password, PIN (Personal Identification Number), fingerprint, face, device password, OTP (One Time Password) as well as all similar codes in relation to the usage of Services, regardless of its name.

“Products” means products, goods, merchandise, and services that appear on the Application


2.1 You have read and understand this Agreement thoroughly and agree to this Agreement before using our services.

2.2 This Agreement is one part of our Privacy Policy which we can and may amend, modify, or change any provisions or conditions at any time without notifying you. Except where the change is materially affecting you: we will notify you via in-app notification or any other reasonable means.

By using our Services after the change is effective, you agree and accept the revised version of this Agreement.

2.3 Any changes, features and/or new services are also governed by this Agreement.


      You agree and accept that you will only use our Services under these following conditions:

3.1 You may use our Services by registering in the QueQ Application with the method we provided, or by linking your User Account with your Social Media Account such as Facebook, Line, Google.

By registering or linking an account, you certify that you provide us is the most recent and accurate information.

You agree to secure and keep confidential of your credential and shall not disclose or by any other means let other people know or access your credential or such data.

You accept that any transactions made under your credential is your sole responsibility. We do not own any responsibility to any losses or damages from those transactions made under your credential.

3.3 You agree and accept us to collect your personal information. The collection will be done on the necessary extent and solely to provide you the best experience of our services. You agree that we can and may use, process, send, or transfer your personal information to our affiliates as well as government sectors, financial auditors, external auditors, or any person/juristic person who has business relation with us solely for the purpose to use, disclose, processing, analyze, approve/identify credential, improve our service, operate as you have requested, operate under any contractual obligation for user’s benefit, examine transactions, and for any other purposes which is not illegal and is for the best benefit of you.

We agree not to disclose or divulge, without your prior consent, any of your Personal Information to third parties except as we set out in this Agreement and our Privacy Policy and in case required by law.

3.4 You agree and accept us to send you information, offers, marketing campaigns, promotions, campaigns, or offer you merchandise which may benefit you or may be of your interest. You acknowledge that you may terminate or unsubscribe the newsletter by our provided method.

3.5 You may use your credential to purchase products including any financial transactions.

3.6 You understand that if you have confirmed your credential for any transactions, you cannot cancel, withdraw, change, or modify that confirmed transaction, and the transaction shall be binding upon you.

3.7 Users under legal age must use our Services under their parent consent and supervision.

3.8 In case Users have made a payment and receive (i) incorrect (ii) incomplete products and/or services or (iii) does not receive products and/or services, Users may contact service provider to request for a refund via, available 24 hours every day; or via phone number (+66)2-938-3515 available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays except holidays. The request might be rejected if Users have got any compensation from shops or stores.

3.9 Users agree and accept that Users cannot cancel any processed transaction nor request a refund for such cancelled transaction by any means.


      You acknowledge that by uploading, or publishing any data, information, text, images, videos, audios, logos, or any other material into application (collectively “Contents”), you grant us the right to use your Contents while retaining your right in such Contents.

      Our services include, but are not limited to, texts, messages, pictures, graphics, software pictures, videos and audio files, and other media of similar nature, on the company’s services which are the QueQ website and the QueQ application (the “Company’s content”). These contents are licensed by the company and are under the legal protection of the Intellectual Property Law and other applicable laws.

      You must not reproduce, copy, change, edit, add, remove, or utilize the company’s content. Also, you will not sell, distribute, or use any other means to commercially benefit from the content.



      Our Services may have advertisements and links to other websites and/or other applications (collectively “Other Providers”). Linking to Other Providers is solely for your convenience. We do not own nor guarantee the availability or accuracy in the content of advertisement and/or of Other Providers.

      If you use any link to other providers, or install any application or software, or download any content from other providers; you understand and acknowledge that you have done so at your own risk; we do not concern or responsible to such contents, information, data or any of your action through other providers. In case any issue arises from those actions, you shall contact other providers directly.


      You agree and accept that text, images, videos, audios, logos and/or any part of its that appear on our services, including but not limited to, copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, database, rights in intellectual property (in definition below); except the data, information or images that you have imported or published via our services by yourself; are protected by intellectual property laws and are our, and our sole proprietary, copyrights, or rights.

      Rights in intellectual property refer to any rights under patent laws, intellectual property laws, trademark laws, trade secret laws, or unfair competition laws.

      Any products, goods, merchandise, services, company’s name, trademarks, service marks, or trade names which appear on our Services are sole proprietary of its owner and the owners shall retain their ownership, copyrights, rights.


      Translations of this Agreement into any other language are for the sole purpose of your convenience. In the event of conflicts or discrepancies between any translated version and the Thai version, the latter shall prevail


      In case any dispute arises out of or in relation to this Agreement, Privacy Policy, or the use of our Services, the laws of the kingdom of Thailand shall govern and be used to resolve the dispute. Parties shall submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Thailand.